Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mingle With My Picos


PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE", I tell my kids this all the time... then, what's happening to me? :(

Ok, so I am not as patient as I use to be, I have to admit it. I had tons of PATIENCE saved up to last me a lifetime, but for some reason, the last time I checked, I was running kind of low and it's kind of scary :(

Could it be that I keep depending on people way to much by placing great expectations on them and at the end things just don't work out the way I thought they would and I feel disappointed... is that it?

Is that where all my PATIENCE is going?

Today I choose to be stronger for myself and not depend so much on other people when it comes to my happiness and the things I love. I may not be the strongest or smartest person in the world, but I do have a strong will to survive and I am not afraid to work hard for what I want. This is "MY" life and "MY" dream, and I will work hard for them, for they belong to me and nobody else!

I put on my Doc's glasses, try to fix my messy hair a little which I haven't washed for a week :P, grab my car keys on my way out and head for the Laboratory Room. OOPS!!! almost forgot my flask for my experiments. I am already running sooo late, I AM GOING CRAZY!!!
PATIENCE sweet_mom, PATIENCE, I tell myself.

"sweet_mom why are you so late again? You've been late for the last three days!!! >:(
Go to your table and start working now!"
PATIENCE Doctor Elijah, PATIENCE, I tell him.

Ok .Usopp., are we supposed to mix the pink with the green or the blue with the pink?
WELLLLL, what is it?
PATIENCE sweet_mom PATIENCE, he tells me.

"Ms SyFy hurry up with that flask, didn't I tell you, you supposed to shake it this way?"
PATIENCE sweet_mom PATIENCE, she tells me.

Is it you, is it really you, can you take me dancing please... now.....like right now.... please?
PATIENCE sweet_mom PATIENCE, m.jack-son tells me.

Remember that we can not place our dreams and happiness on other people and expect them to fulfill them for us. They too have dreams of their own and their own happiness to fulfill. We are the only ones that have to work at fulfilling our own dreams and happiness since they belong to us and nobody else.

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