Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Words From Sweets*

Hello my beautiful Picos, sending you all a big hug and to let you all know that I am with you in heart <3 I carry each and everyone of you with me all the time. You have made beautiful footprints in my heart that will remain in there for ever. I am not sure what the outcome for our beautiful Ameba Pico world will be. I have been away for too long to know what's really happening. I am aware that our friends from PicoStyle are working hard in saving Ameba Pico. I ask that you all give them all your full support. I will be posting articles for you once in a while about random things that I hope you'll  enjoy. Please keep smiling, spread the love around and never forget that I , Sweets*/sweet mom/ Lori Novo, SUPER LOVES YOU ALL!!!

This is a vid that my good friend Hawk from Second Life made for me. You all know how much I love to dance and oh well, I enjoyed doing it so much.
Hope you like it ;)

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