Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rooms ✿ SWEET ✿ Rooms

As you already know I don't only enjoy mingling with my Picos but I also love visiting their rooms, therefore I always find incredible rooms that deserve to be posted in my blog. For me, a room doesn't have to be big and decorated with tons of stuff. It can be the small rooms with just a few items in them. The important thing is that creativity is obvious as you walk in.

♥cute_dolphin♥'s room is 8x8. The red brick walls give you a warmth feeling as you walk in. But then the light blue TV stand adds that hint of coolness to the whole room.... WELL DONE!

sacico's room is 8x8. This room is great for meditation. The white brick walls and the big window gives you a sense of tranquility.

>> NOON <<'s room is 8x8. In this amazing room you have two options... either play beautiful ♪♫ music ♪♫ or climb to the sky for the biggest ★ star ★. What will it be?

Amaya影の影's room is 12x12. In this room you will find a breathtaking waterfall, and right next to it a bench so you can sit and let the sound of the water falling relax you from all yout troubles ☆*。

Noticed how there still a ghost hanging around since Halloween :)

/usr/'s room is 8x8. In this beautiful garden you have everything, a tree, apples to eat if you get hungry, a beautiful waterfall and of course a KING'S THRONE... how can you go wrong with that =D

MaiRie's room is 16x16. This incredible room is based on the Walt Disney story "ALICE IN WONDERLAND". You will find Alice as well as her Cheshire cat, but in GIGANTIC size.

archemist Jr's room is 8x8. What is the amazing thing in this room? THE PLANE!!! How did he ever get that thing in there....mmmm...I wonder ;)

Enaienkay's room is 8x8. This charming little garden makes you want to call some friends over for a girl's talk ;). The owner of this room is not only so darn cute but very friendly as well εїз

♥☺ jukie ☺♥'s room is 8x8. Yes, you heard me right! It is the smallest room size and still she very cleverly managed to create this AMAZING room. This room is absolutely one of the best! You just got to see it to believe it ๖ۣۜ♥

~ Loumy ♫'s room is 8x8. Last but not least, this tiny garden has a beautiful waterfall that is the highlight of the room. But don't just stop there, our friend has created a cozy little room upstairs for privacy.


These rooms are not listed in ANY particular order. I just add them as I find them. They are all equally amazing :)

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