Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life or pico: the true meaning

Written by: Vegemite
Every pico has a choice; the choice of being on pico all day...
...Or living life at it's full. I would prefer living life at it's full, but pico can be addictive.

As living life at it's full is the healthier option, it also is important. You have been given a life for a reason and that is, to live it.
  • When your on pico all day, your not.
  • When your buying gold, your not.
So what's my point? Pico is addictive. Pico is designed to try force you into buying gold or be addicted to the game.
My point of view on gold: Buying gold is like throwing your money away. Although I have bought gold myself in the past, I am never buying it again. If you are a frequent gold buyer, please do me a favour: that is to try and stop buying gold. I'm not asking you to do this because I'm mean or nasty, I'm asking you to do this for your own health and safety. I know, it's hard. But it really helps. I've stopped buying gold and I feel much better. Because money is not something to waste, it is an important thing used in life.
I know, you want to look: cool, rich and famous, etc. But we are talking about a virtual game here! Who cares if you don't look cool, rich or famous on a virtual game?! I have bought gold many times in the past, as you can see in that picture. But it's a game. I didn't realize what I was doing until now. Maybe it's your turn to realize what your doing. Yes, I look happy in the picture, but am I really happy? No, I'm not.
I am upset at myself because I got gold in the past. I'm being honest here, I'm still tempted into buying gold. But I choose not to buy gold. You know why? Because I know it's not the end of the world if I don't buy gold.
If you haven't bought gold before, well done! Keep on that track, and don't ever buy gold. Because it makes a huge difference. A good one.

So that's why I choose life over pico. Now I don't go on pico as often as before, which I'm quite happy about, (as I am in the middle of exams).

I hope you learnt something. I hope it made a difference. If it didn't, I don't mind. Just try and take my advice. Please; for your health and safety.


  1. What if you buy gold every two months, are only allowed to buy 2,100 ag when you`re allowed, and only go on like an hour or less a day? It is kind of addictive but I find it quite easy to log off and enjoy my life, hanging out with friends, playing basketball in my front yard, even reading.

  2. Hmm...I disagree. We all have things that make us happy, and there's a difference between buying gold because it's fun, and buying gold because you're obsessed with having gold. Sure enough there are things we can buy that are more materialistic, but how long exactly until we tire of those things too? When you think about it, all money spent recreationally ends up being a waste, because we may not like what we buy, or we may grow tired of it. I used to spend all my allowance on Pokemon cards. What do I have to show for it now? Would it have made a difference in my future?
    If you have the money to spend, and choose to spend it on Ameba Gold, what exactly is the difference between spending it on a movie, or a video game? It'll be a cheap initial thrill, and we'll grow tired of it eventually, and forget it ever existed.
    I know perfectly well what I'm doing by buying my Ameba Gold. And I don't ever have to spend another penny to assure my life goes on. But it is my paycheck that I receive, and my decision on what I use to fulfill that temporary little thrill I want.

  3. Anonymous, I do understand your point. You are right indeed, but the message I'm trying to point out is that it's not healthy to just sit on the computer all day. I'm not expecting you to just stop going on the computer; I don't want you to do that. I want you to understand the message that I'm trying to give you. Life is the most important thing you have, and why waste it? You can achieve such great things with it. If you choose to sit on the computer all day, buy gold or simply just ignore me, fine. It's your decision, I'm not telling you what to do.
    But why spend money on a virtual game?
    Yes, you choose to.
    Think about it this way: There are people out there that can't even afford to buy food, while people are buying Ameba Gold on a virtual game. I feel sorry for those people who can't afford to buy food. Who do you feel sorry for?

    スティーブ☆STEVE, the feeling of enjoying life is incredible. Don't let anybody take that away from you because it's so special. Enjoy life's beauty, pleasure and joy. <3

  4. I think some people buy ag, not for the sake to look rich or brag about the items they have. Yes, I buy gold a lot, but I don't look at myself who is someone rich and show off.Spending money, is not for popularity or making rich friends. To me, pico is something I just want to go to when I am bored or depressed.Think this way too : We buy ag because we work for the money to get something. If someone is starving out there, is it our fault? No. One: They make the decision they did to put them in those situation. Two: They rather use the money for drugs* than food?! Three: Some people don't try to suceed, instead they out themselves. But it's not wrong to buy gold either, because we had to work our way to get things. But, I love you Vegemite, and no way is wrong or right. But it is the joy of happiness. Please, don't worry about other, we all make decision to put where we stand in life. It is now sorry, just something we can learn from, not to do

    <3<3 Sky

  5. Awww Sky, your point is one of the best.
    Yes, some people don't buy gold to be popular or look rich, etc. But some people just make a reason for it, yet they buy gold because of the addictive situation they have. I posted this post not to tell you what to do, I posted it to show you the reason we are all playing pico. It is addictive. Some people play it for the fun of it. But most, play because they are addicted to it. I have also posted the post because you can all learn something from it. Life is important. Don't waste it.
    Love you Sky <3

  6. Hi vegemite! This post of urs is really nice nd very true too! I jus wanted to ask u permission to post this wonderful post in my pico magazine. Hope u allow me to! :D