Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colorful Wigs by Rinarina NY

OMG! when my dear mr. bibo came for me to go downtown New York, I couldn't believe my eyes, Rinarina's shop, now has wigs in every color. Unfortunatly at this moment there are only available for girls and with Ameba Gold :(

She's got a big selection of colors and styles to fit anyones' needs.

After trying them all, I couldn't decide for one . My heart right now is set at least on three of them.

Mr. bibo advised me to wait before getting any of them, that I should really think which ones I am gonna get before spending my AG. He offered to accompany me back when I have made my decision.

I told him that boys’ wigs are also going to be released on Thursday and maybe we should wait til then and get matching wigs, he smiled and said "yes dear"... LOL

I love it that mr. bibo likes going shopping with me :)

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