Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lunaチャン★'s Room

Last week I attended an event at デビルLunaチャン★'s room and what I saw left me speechless. I'm always amazed of how these creative Picos can come up with the most wonderful ideas for their rooms.

I wanted to make sure I took as many pictures as I could to share with you.
But it took a while before everyone left. Luckily I got to talk to some of her guests in the mean time.

Once alone, I immediately ran for that huge heart shaped cake with the cherry on top that I keept my eye on all night long hoping no one will beat me to it. I started with the cherry and worked my way down. It was yummy!

Having craved for sweets all day long, after finishing with the heart shaped cake I went for the OTHER cake with the big chocolate on top. Unfortunately this cake was floating in the air and it was too high for me to reach :(

Still craving for more sweets, I went to the second floor where I found a cake bar. Everything looked delicious, unfortunately the cake bar was closed. All I could do was just sit there and stare at those yummy cakes on the other side.

Now this is odd! A snowman's face floating in her room? Oh well... why not!
It was pretty cool.

I continued my way up to the third floor where I found this little sitting area overlooking all of Lunaチャン★'s wonderful creation. From there I noticed a stunning castle made out of blue, purple, and white balloons and to the left there was this huge strawberry. To bad I couldn't get to it or it would had left with me, in my stomach... LOL.

Finally I got to the very top, to the highlight of this room... ELMO!
During the party Elmo had been the main attraction of the event. As soon as a guest would arrive you would hear them say, "It's Elmo" , and they would run to it. Who can blame them, everybody loves Elmo!

Soon it was time for me to leave, but not before feeding Lunaチャン★'s two friendly pandas, Munchkin and Pumkin who accompany me during my visit.

I want to thank our friend Lunaチャン★ for sharing her wonderful Elmo room with us.


Mynameizneko's ROOM

Mynameizneko's room is very mellow. You can feel an intense tranquility all around which helps you relax and take a breath of clean air.

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  1. Mwahahaha Elmo rules the world. It's Elmo's world!