Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haunted House On Pico Hill

I know... I know, I'm running behind posting about Chloe's Halloween house. I've had a very hard past week, but thankfully everything got resolved and things are starting to get back to normal :)

I would have to say the best time to visit Chloe's House is at nightime. You can see the Jack-O-Lantern full moon and the stars seem to glow brighter on the pinkish/purplish Halloween sky. Bats keep circulating above in search of their next victim... so you better watch out!

Chloe, herself is at the gate with a beautiful smile ready to greet you as you come in. BTW, I love the pink fairy otfit she's wearing. I wonder where she got it from?

I sat at the first bench I found to rest a little before starting with my exciting visit to this spooky place.

Suddenly I turn to my right and there it was, A GHOST! At first I was frightnen but soon I realized this was a friendly ghost... better yet a silly ghost, it reminded me of my dear friend ![[ChOl0]]! .

I noticed not so friendly looking ghosts on top of the roof, feeling a little frighten, I quickly took shelter on the porch hoping they would soon be gone.

After a while I realized that all the other Picos were not frightened but instead they were having a great time so I decided to join in. Chielein and I started releasing Halloween balloons into the evening sky.

As I took brief break from all the fun, another silly ghost started playing
peek-a-boo with me. At first I thought it was the same ghost I had met before, but soon realized it was a different one, somehow this ghost seemed sillier =)

I heard someone offering candy and when I turned around I realized it was a talking tree, you know like the ones from The Wizard Of Oz!. Its purple branches were decorated with glowing Halloween light and it was surrounded by all sort of sweets to eat. Every once in a while you could see a ghost leaving more candy for all of Chloe's guest to enjoy.

The yard has been well kept by an elderly ghost who seems to never get tired or even bothered by so many Picos hanging around all the time.

I had really enjoyed my visit to Chloe's house, but I would say the highlight of the night was when I bumped into my dear Pinkerton and el jenno. It was just like old times! Pinkerton was being his usual self partying around and bringing smiles to everyone around him and el jenno always so sweet. I invited her to check out my newly decorated Halloween room and she did.... Thanks!

After spending some time with my two good friend, I was ready to leave but not before taking a last look at this wonderful house. I can't wait to see how its gonna look for the Christmas time, we'll just have to wait and see.

Till next time... have a WoNdErFuL HaLlOwEeN WeEk!

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