Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fantasy Skypark

My dear friend mr. bibo came up with a brilliant idea of looking for "cool" rooms, to take me out on dates. I would love to share with you some of our best dates together.

Yesterday morning when I logged on to check on my messages, mr. bibo had left me an invitation to meet him at 「кxттєи」's room. He advised me to go ready in swimwear since this room has an amazing swimming pool.

When I arrived at「кxттєи」's room , mr. bibo was already eagerly waiting for me at the gate and recieved me with a big smile that brightened my day right away :)

Mr. bibo and I met a while back at Park Pond. But due to the different times we logged in, we barely had a chance to see each other. Thankfully now, we both have agreed to log in at the same time every morning at least for a few minutes so we can spend some time together.

To celebrate our beautiful friendship, mr. bibo brought grape juice instead of champaign since he knows I do not drink. I think that is so thoughtful of him <3

When we finally jumped into the pool the warmth of the water helped me relax, being around mr. bibo always makes me feel nervous.

He told me that when he first came to this room, during an event he attended, he discovered at the edge of the pool the beautiful view overlooking West Forest. So kindly he held my hand while we enjoyed looking at all the tall trees and also we could see a few Picos sitting at the benches below having a great time.

But suddenly being too close to mr. bibo made me nervous, so I asked him if we could go to the swing instead, he immediately agreed.

Once on the swing, he declared his love for me...all I could do was smile. Is he ever going to give up? I hope not, maybe someday I'll just say yes.

I was so glad when he suddenly noticed that 「кxттєи」 has a fourth room where Picos can leave her balloons. Being so appreciative for using her room, we both left her some :)

He made me feel very special and overcomed with happiness I started dancing. Oddly he did not join me but instead stood there watching me.

Soon it was time for him to leave since he had to go to work :(.

Mr. bibo, thank you so much for the wonderful date <3 BTW mr. bibo, do you know how to dance? because I LOVE dancing.

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