Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Word of the Week

Written by: ROM-eo™
This weeks word is "gusto".
Doing something with gusto is doing it with great energy and enthusiasm. It describes eager enjoyment or keen appreciation for something. Example: "I played Roulette today with gusto even though I lost half of my casino credits."
Gusto originally meant taste. In 1620 it was borrowed from the Italian, which comes from the Latin gustus (taste). It evolved from simply describing an affection for a certain food to mean a keen fancy for food, drink or other pleasures. Now I am asking you to please use "gusto" at least once this week. Use the word "gusto" in a letter, to describe something you were doing, or tell a story to a friend using the word. The possibilities are endless. I'm writing right now with gusto.

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