Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Distinguished Gentleman

OMG all my young and beautiful Pico Princesses! I just found the sweetest eye-candy for you ;) This is インディ  from Netherlands and he is definitely one of the most gorgeous and polite young man I have ever met in my Pico life. He's got eyes of the bluest sky and his fashion taste is to die for. When he came to see me earlier today, I almost fainted as he walked into the room. He is perfect from head to toe... LOL!

He had sent me a very sweet letter a few days ago and I just had to meet him ASAP. Today he was already in Pico when I logged in and he immediately came over to my room. Now, his profile says he is 11 years old, but after chatting with him, he gave me the impression of being much older, maybe 12.... LOL, just Kidding :P

No seriously, he may very much be really 11 but he handles himself much mature then many of my adult friends. He is very polite and very attentive. And I wouldn't doubt it that he leaves a trail of broken hearts on a daily basis everywhere he goes. I bet all the girls go gaga when they see him ;)

Now something very important that you must know about our new friend is, that Indy (that's his name) has an amazing Indy Pico Blog that he started not too long ago and that I strongly recommend. My beautiful Picos please make sure you visit it and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to sign in....PLEASE <3333

Now, my new friend not just paid me a visit and then left without leaving me with a gift. (BTW: this in the picture with us is Debby, his pet dog) Before he left he was so kind in sharing with me a funny trick, you all know I am a sucker for Pico tricks so I was very excited to learn how it was done.

For this trick you will need the "MODEL WALK" action that you can get at Champs Elysees in  France for 150AG. Now once you have it, you must type /stand  in your chat box while your Pico is doing either one of the two poses. The results may varied  every time but I guarantee that you will be laughing everytime too :)

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