Friday, November 12, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

Thank God It's Friday :D

My Pico of the day is Silent Juliet!

Ohhh my sweet Silent Juliet! She REALLY doesn't talk at all. I couldn't get a BEEP out of her, but the good is, with her there is no need for words. She is the SWEETEST PICO EVER!  I was sooo happy when later she visited  my room to leave me a candle.... and still not a SINGLE word was spoken! "thank you for the candle :D"

Gorgeous CHRIS JAMES! is probably used to being surrounded by beautiful girls ALL THE TIME! When I visited his room I couldn't find him among the multitude of young ladies being all over him. When I asked him for a picture, I took my time on purpose ;) They all started leaving one by one. I guess they were jealous, sorry ladies I had to borrow this cutie picotutie for a while.

Our friend »♥ Ĺ¡Ļÿ_Ρãď ♥« is another kind and very generous girl. When I saw she was sharing her food with other Picos at Beginner's Plaza, I ran over to her and guess what? She just kept feeding me until I was completely full. I tell you, if it wasn't for these nice Picos I would starve. "Thank you sooo much for the food, LoVe YoU!"

Just look at *BBF*_Mella, isn't she just sooo DARN CUTE and ADORABLE. When I saw her at an event she melted my heart right away. And not only that, I got to talk to her and let me tell you, she is SUPER FRIENDLY :D

oPa ♥ oMa IS THE MAN! I just looove his style so much. He is alot of fun to hang around with. He is both very polite and friendly. When I asked him to come over to my room for a picture, he was there like a flash. He knows a real gentleman should never leaves a lady waiting...LOL.

Now what's wrong with this picture? The fact that there's a naked man, or that sweet_mom is with a naked man, or that sweet_mom is sleeping at Beginner's Park with a naked man? Well, is not any of the above. What is wrong with this picture is that our NAKED friend cAtEpOnk_gAyUr never stood still for me to take a good picture. He made me chase him all over the place until we were both sooo exhausted we ended up going to sleep.

But I still got my picture :P

First time ever I post a pet on my MINGLE section, but who can blame me!

This beautiful white tiger named Babi belongs to our friend Ryukie who has the "DATING PARK" room on the 30 HOT ROOMS here in Pico. Make sure you visit our friend Ryukie's room and add it to your favorites :)

And finally, our beautiful friend katherin w from Greece, stopped to ask me where she could get NINJA SMOKE since she saw me fooling around with it at Park Pond. But you know what is the amazing thing about our encounter... she speaks SPANISH... YAY!!!

These is all for today, Have a wonderful Friday, and don't forget to be nice to each other :)

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