Monday, January 17, 2011

A walk in the Parks

I like quietly hanging out at the Park rooms - especially the English, Japanese, Spanish and Tagalog ones. These areas really seem to attract some interesting characters - in looks and behaviour.

I find that the Parks are the best public places to get props, so, I try to drag sweet_mom every once in a while. Otherwise, she barely gets out. :-P

Parks are also a great place to quietly observe, show off your new clothing items ... or act a little silly.

I wanted to share some of the Picos I've recently hanging around in Parks that, in my opinion, are noteworthy for their unique style.

Earlier today in English Park I saw Teayaa in what I thought was a really interesting Native American princess outfit. She's armed with a blade that's as equally thick as her mascara.

Later on in Japanese Park I saw this dandy gent, Begal Man. He reminded me of a movie extra from Road House. He quietly sauntered around the grounds with his quiet, mysterious disposition.

Photo Credit: Photographer: sweet_mom

Yesterday in Tagaog Park 1, I came across 4 Picos in pink that were attempting to be ... cutesy glamor models. Putting on on nurse outfits or anything else in their inventory that was pink (left to right) внєιвє ραzαωαу, Babsy™, M.G*AK*→Choco♫, and ☆。Paki Mo。☆ switched poses for the crowd for about 20 minutes - laughing and acting silly the whole time.

It was entertaining to watch their antics.

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