Monday, January 17, 2011


OMG, my dear Picos, I have WONDERFUL NEWS that I am dying to share with you. This here is my very sweet friend ♫DяεAmεя♫ that unfortunately I had lost touch with for a while. And yesterday, we finally saw each other again. Our joy for such beautiful reunion was obvious to everyone around us.

♫DяεAmεя♫ has always been the kind of friend you can count on. She is sweet and caring, maybe this is because, like me, she is a mother. She has been there for me on my happiest times and in my saddest moments - always with an open heart ready to cheer me up and help me. Actually her heart is so big that she does this with every person she comes about. A TRUE FRIEND!

We decided to go hang around Shibuya 106 and dance for a while, of course not before we stopped at Beginners Plaza so I could get a Two-toned Girlie Work Jacket (600 Gummies)  to match hers.
Once we arrived, I was overwhelmed with joy that I just started acting silly like I always do. I tried many times doing the Butt-Slide but every single time I failed. >:(   ♫DяεAmεя♫ just couldn't stop laughing ... LOL.

My dear ♫DяεAmεя♫, welcome back, I sure missed you :)

BTW, I would like to take this opportunity to share something with you about what I think about "HOLDING HANDS IN PICO". Anyone that knows me in real life and here in Pico, knows how affectionate I can be with my friends, especially with the people I love. I am always HUGGING, KISSING, TICKLING, etc. the people I love. I also like to express my love with word.

Unfortunately, many times when SOME Picos see me holding hands with my friends - even with the many wonderful random Picos I met everyday - some will make disrespectful remarks about it. HOLDING HANDS IS OK. I DO NOT see anything wrong with holding hands with your friends here in Pico (boy or girl). Holding hands is another way of expressing how thankful you are for your friendship and it creates a sweet more realistic bond in this cyber world for me personally.

What do you think? I would love to hear from you. ❤

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