Monday, June 4, 2012

The Butterfly

"Oh how I love to feel those butterflies tickling my tummy"
You know, the ones you feel from the inside when something makes you happy.

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a shiny day, as I stood at the top of a multi-colored flower covered hill, overlooking the fields of  fluffy cotton, I suddenly remembered something funny. I laughed so much that a yellow butterfly flew right into my mouth. AGH, and I swallowed it... GULP!

But don't think the butterfly died. No, no, no!
I could feel her flying inside me for days. Every time she would go to my stomach, I would feel tickles that would make me so happy. And every time she would fly in my ears I would hear the most beautiful laughter of children and all the sounds that our Lord created as music of nature. You know, like the wind, the birds and even the sound of the fallen leaf.

The butterfly continued traveling inside of me for days and days.  And every time she wanted to take a look to the outside, she would travel to my eyes which caused me to see the beauty in everything.  Traveling inside my hands would provoke in me the need to give the warmest caress to my loved ones.

The best part was when she reached my heart. That is when my love increased in gigantic proportions like an abundant fountain of love to give away to anyone that needed it.

I could tell that this butterfly was happy living inside of me. And I felt honored that she had chosen me to touch with her beautiful magic.

One day, however, my special butterfly was ready to fly away into the world in search of another person that would be willing to let her in. Her work with me was done. She had come inside me to teach me and give me the gift of love. I was not saddened by her leaving me. I was glad that another person would be blessed as I was by being touched by her.

Please keep your hearts open to my yellow butterfly <333


Beauty is that that causes a smile and a warm feeling.

Here are three pictures I had been saving in my files for a while now. Every time I would see them they reminded me of my yellow butterfly.
‡L'arc U T I L and  ⓣ™ ♏sⓒ

Laughter- what a joy. It is like when your body can't take it anymore and it erupts in fireworks of happy moments.


There are people that are like magnets. They seem to attract people so easily.
Their secret?
A positive attitude!

The secret to a beautiful relationship?
Respect, acceptance, support, trust and love <3

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