Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Visiting Pico

I am still a little under the weather :(
Today when I logged in I felt like visiting places that were created by some of my Picos and not by the Ameba Pico papa heads :P

My first stop was to this great new hotel owned by Servasius from Indonesia. This hotel is truly an amazing construction. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I first walked in. Each room is set up so perfectly to give a sense of privacy. Servasius you are truly a very clever architect :)))

Before I continued to my next location, I made a quick stop at WalMart to get my poor starving pets some food. The place was packed with people. Some were even cutting in line. PeOpLe, where are your manners?! :P

I was very pleased to see walmart lady, owner of this room, standing at the entrance greeting her costumers. :)))

My Heart Will Go On

Don't you get chills with this song?
I do :(((
This song makes me cryyyyyyyy :(((
It really does :((((((

Jack why, why did you have to die :(((
You were so cute :((((
Rose why did you let go of his hand, why, why? :(((

You will find the first and maybe the only Titanic in Pico in Doraemon's room.

Rose, you big liar, you let go and you had promised you wouldn't >:(
Jaaaaaaack~~~~  :((((

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  1. Still nowadays, many people were somehow mad and somehow wondering about the movie Titanic, on why did Rose let go of Jack's hand. That's not the promise that Jack said to Rose. The promise that Rose shouldn't let go was Rose should not die in the water but should die an old lady lying in bed, and that she would have her own family and have lots and lots of babies(as what Jack said) but it's not that Jack said that she should not let go of his hand because if Rose didn't let go on Jack's hand, they will be both dead. :)