Friday, April 15, 2011

How-to: Vege's Perfect Guide to Blackjack

Written by: Vegemite

Amazing news just hit Pico. Blackjack is back!

To celebrate, I want to tell you the perfect guide to blackjack.

When I saw that blackjack was back, I went straight to the casino to start playing! When I started I had around C$2,000. Then suddenly, my amount raised to around C$26,000 within about 5-10 minutes. I just had to get to C$30,000 to get the Bourgeois Peacock Design Dress. So I bet C$5,000. I lost. I kept betting the same amount, but luck was not on my side (how awful!). It was one loss after another. In the end, my casino dollars balance was C$100. Disappointed, I learned my lesson. When I get to the right amount, I will stop playing till the next time I play blackjack.

By now, many of us know the different levels of casino play rooms:
  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • High Roller
With blackjack, Beginner, Normal and High Roller rooms all have different
  1. values for chips
  2. amount limits for bets
But here's the catch: Watch out for the dealer!

Here's a common scenario:
The Dealer begins to stand at the number 17, but still hits on 16 in all of the levels of Blackjack. The odds of a 10, Jack, Queen or King coming up are very, very high! This is because there are 4 of each card, and there all of these cards are used as a 10. Now heres the good news: If the dealer gets a 12, they will hit. And you know what? Most likely, it's a 10, Jack, Queen or king and guess what? BUST! And you win.
That could happen with any number from 12 - 16. Well, most likely - yes. Thats why I always start standing on 12 or 13. Just to stay safe.

Sometimes gambling can get addictive. So make sure you don't hit the casino too often. It has quite a lot of effect. Sometimes, you win. And most times, you don't. So when you bet, be careful, because if you bet a huge amount, think about it. What happens if you lose it? You will have nothing. So don't keep your hopes up.

Do you know that at Pico Casino the odds are stacked against you? Pico Casino is designed for you to lose like any other casino. It may not seem like it, but this goes for all casinos. In real life slots and Pico slots, the jackpot may be won by 1 person out of a million people.

The dealers aim in blackjack is to win. But Ameba Pico's blackjack is designed for the dealer to win. Often, the dealer gets 20 or 21 way more than the players. If the player gets 19, most likely, the dealer has 20. Very interesting, huh?

If not, you might get a draw. Which I happen to get very often.
At most times when you get a draw, it's a high number.

Another something you must know, you may think blackjack is very common, but really, it's not that common. An ace is quite rare to get, if you have noticed.

Losing isn't that bad, it happens to many, many, many people.
Winning dosn't happen that much, to be honest. I bet the percentage of the times you have played blackjack, more than half you have lost.

When Ameba Pico deals the cards, they are cheating. Don't report them, because they are doing the right thing. Casino's cheat. So don't expect to win much from it, because you know it's not going to happen.

Casino cards alter when a pico earns a certain amount of casino dollars.

Red casino cards are given to the pico when starting casino. Changes may happen to the card as the casino dollar amount rises.

Example: ☆Rö¢k§†år☆
Silver cards are given to the player when the player gets at least 10,000 casino dollars in one month. Changes may happen again.

Example: Vegemite
Gold casino cards are given to players when they reach at least 100,000 in one month! One more card is higher than this card.

Example: (Sky)
Black casino cards are given to the player when the player reaches at least 500,000 casino dollars in one month!! Nothing beats this card!

Example: (Suby)

I earned my casino dollars from blackjack. It was hard, but as soon as I got it, I kept playing and lost it all. So it dosn't really matter. Just have fun. It dosn't matter what type of casino card you have, or how much casino dollars you have got. Just keep playing pico happily.

Thanks so much for reading my post, I hope you liked it!

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  1. Cool! Thanks for telling us how to get new Casino Cards! I didn't really play the Casino, until my cousin showed me how. Now I like it!

  2. This helps. Thanks for this info and, i didn't realize that the pico staff always saying about cheating but the pico staff is cheating too.. -.- the staff let's the dealer to win only?? No fuccin fair -.-