Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

(Photo Taken In Åÿm ~ *Ðëmøñ* ' Room)

sweet_mom says... cover your ears to the sound of HURTFUL RUMORS and keep your heartopen to the music♪♬ of SWEET WORDS.

My Pico of the day is Lala Cullen!

OH , how much I missed my sweet friend. She had disappeared from the face of PICO PLANET :(
You can imagine how happy I was when I saw her again. ☆彡Now our Pico sun seems to be shinier with her back.

Poor frans_exe. He had NOOO idea what he was getting himself into when he came to my room to ring my bell. Beautiful paedoubleu and I both wanted him to dance with us.... AT THE SAME TIME. So he ended up just leaving. the bad thing is he hasn't come back to see me since then :(

Is'nt supertimtam one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Picos you have ever seen. I looove those chocolately eyes of hers. I kept bumping into her all night in EVERY single event I attended. At first she seemed very charmingly mysterious, but once I started to talk to her, I realized she is very sweet

I met ฿ℓσσ₯ ριєя¢є at an event he had at his home. I think he is a VERY important person. There were some Picos asking him for advice and tips on something I never found out what for, but though he was busy, he still very politely gave me the time to take this picture. "thank you sooo much Cutie Picotutie".

Now, here we have a man with a mustache, Mr. Mustachio's style and personality demands RESPECT. Trust me, I was very nervous when I posed with him for this picture, but he was very friendly that after a while I felt more comfortable in his presence.

This is my beautiful friend MaiRie . We both had wanted to take a picture together soooo bad. Finally we got the chance, fortunately for us, sweet Ever Blue and OREO (my black cat) were there to joined us.

I am a softie for Picos that show kindness to others, and a great example of this is our friend miaozi. I saw her at Beginners Plaza being friendly and kind to people around her, and that really just put a BIG smile in my heart

Our good friend ♦•Takeru•♦ℜ has this WONDERFUL  PicoPico/mizuume chocola blog that you MUST check  out . He is VERY friendly and nice.... BTW, he's got a BEAUTIFUL room that you must check out too. 

Cutie Picotutie mak87's look is VERY adorably confusing to me. He has hair only on half of his head, seems to be ready to go hunting at Park Pond, for ducks I guess, walks around half naked and he is a LITTLE DEVIL... I just SUPER LOVE IT ;)

Til next time, For goodness sake its SATURDAY, go out and have FUN. I am taking my kids to the movies and eat at a nice place, they deserve it.... they are WONDERFUL KIDS  


  1. Very cute and sweet, and very fun to read! :)

  2. Finally I found this post!!
    It may be late but, Thank you sweet mom :3