Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Cupid

On Valentine's Day, Pico Perfect's Happy Cupid visited many of the World Community Parks and Lovely Heart rooms in search of affectionate Picos eager to give him love on that very special day. Armed with a heart full of love, a pocket full of Heart-shaped Chocolate Sticks and a big smile, he was ready to go out and make new friends.

But not before getting a kiss on his bald head by Catero for good luck. Once our love-filled-fellow, Catero and sweet_mom stayed behind at the Pico Perfect Lounge and waited eagerly for his return.

With no surprised our Happy Cupid found many loving Picos wanting to dance with him and just play silly.

Hagu and きゃらめる♡ POP shared a few SPECIAL moments with our happy fellow, while ROTTIろっち ... all she wanted was to dance (just like sweet_mom). Madame Imelda, on the other hand, played hard-to-get and not even our Happy Cupid's adorable smile won her over.

Now what a better pair than a Happy Cupid and an Adorable Angel! Rin Natsume and our Cupid look like a love made in heaven. Hideto (right) didn't say much but showed his love for our Happy Cupid by feeding him Heart-shaped Chocolate Sticks. No wonder Cupid was acting all hyper on his return to the Pico Perfect Lounge!

@devalova@ on the other hand kept our adorable cupid busy by goofing around!

Once back at the Pico Perfect Lounge, Happy Cupid delivered a very special message from ❤ωιηтєя-кιѕѕ❤ to sweet_mom ...

(21:47) ❤ωιηтєя кιѕѕ❤: I love Pico perfect
(21:49) ❤ωιηтєя кιѕѕ❤: Happy Valentines
(21:49) ❤ωιηтєя кιѕѕ❤: and say regards for me
(21:49) ❤ωιηтєя кιѕѕ❤: to sweet mom
(21:49) ❤ωιηтєя кιѕѕ❤: ^^
We want to thank all those friendly Picos that went out of their way to make our Happy Cupid feel special. And please keep spreading the love!


  1. winter kiss is my best friend for eva if u dont believe me its okay!^3^ im just so happy she is featured in ur blog!i really like urs i wish mine could be popular too!and ur not like any other people or pico some (only) are snobbish and uncaring for people who admire them!and u are good cuz u post people who adore u wich means alot to ur fans!


  2. Woahh , thanks for posting me at your blog Sweet_mom ! :)

    I really appreciate it !
    Continue to make PICOS happy ! :)
    I will continue to support your blog sweet mom !
    Best wishes to Pico perfect blog and the team !
    Mwahhh ! :*