Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yoyogi Park's 2nd Anniversary in Pigg

For those who play Pigg, don't miss out on the 2nd Anniversary of Yoyogi Park!

Items for Gummies are so rare to find in Pigg that you can't miss out on the adorable beanie hats (10 Gummies) and swearshirts (20 Gummies) bearing the Pigg logo. There's also a hand-held bear (222 Gummies).

Yoyogi Park is frequented by Takumi, a Pigg character. Takumi's story is that he is an older Italian guy who loves Japan. To understand the event better, I asked ten.ten. for help. She can read Japanese and helped clarify some event details. She shared:
"If you're in the area [Takumi] is in and look stylish he will come to your room and "ring". If so, you can maybe talk to him in your room ^^."
Although Google Translate is great (at times) it just doesn't compare the the live translation that ten.ten. offered. So, a big thank you.

Make sure to check it out soon before it disappears! It might be best to go at non-Japanese daytime hours because it's PACKED all the time otherwise and you'll have to wait in queue to get in to one of the 50 Yoyogi Park rooms.

[Update: According to ten.ten (comment below) and Rex_A's blog, if you type /2nd in chat ... well, try it and see for yourselves.]

[Update: If 10 people do the /2nd command in Yoyogi Park a UFO comes, zips around the screen and causes a bit of an earthquake, after which everyone gets shaken down to miniature size.]

Photo Credits:
Photo 1: Catero
Photo 2-5: Official Pigg blog


  1. Yay I was so happy to see these items for Ame/Gummies! Although the bear is for your room ^.^ I wish it were hand held because those are so cute ^.^! I can also translate some more updates in the future ^.^

    Another secret is a 2nd anniversary action

    type this into the chat box


    ^.^! I'm not sure how long it will work though!

  2. LOL, ten.ten., it's funny but I was just reading Rex_A's blog and saw she mentioned /2nd. I was adding it to the post when I saw your comment. ^^

    Apparently a UFO shows up too? Somehow ...

    Thanks for all your help!

  3. also try to ring someones room XD

  4. Yeah, the room ring is really cool right now. :-)

  5. What is pigg? Is in in Pico?

  6. @ Anonymous, Pigg is *not* in Pico. Pigg is Pico's older Japanese brother. It was launched over 3 years ago by the same company that created Pico.

    Many Pico players also play Pigg.