Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Angels

Our Lord loves us so much that he sends angels to watch over us. His angels are not always heavenly beings with wings and halos as we think. Angels many times come to us as pets. These special angels come to serve a purpose in our lives and then once they are done, they must return to Heaven to be by God's side. Their purpose is usually to give us love, companionship and even lessons in life.

We learn to love and cherished our pets so much that there is a point when we stop seeing them as a pet and we start seeing them as a member of our family. The love we get from them is one of the purest and most unconditional love possible that any human can get.

Sometimes our pets will unexpectedly return to Heaven and we are left behind feeling sad and not knowing what to do with all the love we had for them. We feel confused and angry and even cheated. However, we must understand that God loves His special angels (our pets) so much that if he sees them sick and suffering
he will call them back to him . We know that they go to a better place once they reach Heaven. My baby Oreo couldn't walk, but I bet now he is chasing butterflies together with your hamster, dog, and bird and all our so beloved pets that are in Heaven.

It is OK to miss them and cry for them. But keep in mind that they want us to be happy and strong, and they keep peeking down through the clouds to see if we are OK. Our pets will never be forgotten and our love for them will continue, but time will teach us how to live with their loss and then we can remember the happy times we spent with them and we will smile. When I want to feel close to Oreo, I close my eyes and since I can no longer hold and hug him physically, I do it spiritually, I hug him with my heart <3

It was an honor and a real privilege having Oreo in my life, and like my Sweet G tells me, "Be grateful for the time you had with him", I am very thankful to God for sending me the most special furry baby, and I am very thankful to my little Oreo for having touched my life in the most beautiful way.

Love your pets and cherish every minute you spend with them<333


  1. Truly sorry for your loss. :{ It's a great thing though, what you did for little Oreo. You made his short time on this earth happy and full of joy and love. Some animals are never given that privlege, and Oreo was a happy kitty becase of you and your family. People that love the helpless are just as much blessings to their animals as the animals are to their humans. God bless you and people like you. I know the pain will lessen in time, but you will never forget what a wonderful gift you had in little Oreo. Take care, and don't fear the greiving process. It's a healthy, normal thing to go through, and It's God's promise that YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Stay strong. :)


  2. I know Oreo is happy in heaven now.
    We lend our shoulders for you to lean on.
    Then you have nothing to worry about.
    I know he's happy now.

  3. You know, I deffinetly feel better because I got a new pet! By the way its Ashleena Lia but I keep changing my name! XD