Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Special Shout Out

Every time I visit Pico, I am greeted with very sweet memories of happier days. Sometime I have the great fortune of  getting to see a friendly face and even getting to spend a great time with one of my dear Picos. Tonight's visit was no exception. As soon as I put my status public, Dαмíиα♡Líα™ joined me at one of the  Japanese Parks. We talked about her pet hamster that past away not long ago.

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to her for being so brave and for the sweet Pico that she is. I want to thank her for keeping me company during my visit. SUPER LOVE YOU SWEETIE <333

Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) i called my mom cuz it was so cute
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) i touched him and picked him up and pet him
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:30) then he calmed down
Sweets* (21:31) ok
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) and died from it
Sweets* (21:31) :(
Sweets* (21:31) awww poor baby :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) ik
Sweets* (21:31) are you ok now?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) ya
Sweets* (21:31) good :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:31) good thing i have pics of him
Sweets* (21:32) yes and beautiful memories to keep in you heart <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) :D
Sweets* (21:32) and your hamster wants you happy as much as Oreo wants me happy too
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) u really are sweet!! :)
Sweets* (21:32) ty <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) =D
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:32) yw
Sweets* (21:32) you too :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) thanks
Sweets* (21:33) are u getting another pet?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) maybe
Sweets* (21:33) wonderful :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) maybe a bunny
Sweets* (21:33) awww nice
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:33) ill never find one as perfect as Pooky though
Sweets* (21:34) was that his name?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) ya
Sweets* (21:34) so cute
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) i looked in my book of Moshi Monsters to find a name
Sweets* (21:34) maybe not like Pooky but just as special :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) Ill probably name my other one Purpley idk
Sweets* (21:34) lol
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) ppl at school called Pooky Poopy
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:34) :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) kinda mean though
Sweets* (21:35) they called him that
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) yup
Sweets* (21:35) I am sorry sweetie, ppl sometimes r mean
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:35) yup
Sweets* (21:36) I miss Pico so much :(
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:36) well good thing theres not so many bullies anymore
Sweets* (21:37) that's good, everytime I come, I think my Picos look more beautiful
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) :)
Sweets* (21:37) everyone looksso adorable
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) ik!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:37) like u
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) u look adorable too :)
Sweets* (21:38) awww ty <3
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) yw
Sweets* (21:38) well, you look adorable three :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:38) :)
Sweets* (21:39) great, I bet your parents are very proud of you
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:39) :D
Sweets* (21:39) you are a very sweet little lady :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:39) thanks!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:40) ur name really matches u too
Sweets* (21:40) ty :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:40) yw
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) yesturday i saw a rainbow!
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) it was when i was watchin America's got talent
Sweets* (21:42) you did :) I loove rainbows
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) me too :)
Sweets* (21:42) :)
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:42) i draw them
Sweets* (21:43) you like to draw?
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:43) ya
Dαмíиα♡Líα™ (21:43) and write stories
Sweets* (21:43) that is great!

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  1. HI SWEETS* ITS ME Dαмíиα♡Líα™!! XD Well umm I remember holding ur hand. So if its ok with you wanna do that picture again holding hands not doing the choo choo train?