Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear Sweets*

A while back I received a letter from a very sweet girl that was heartbroken by a friend she very much loved...

Letter from ♥тσяι♥вℓєυє♥
Sweets i know you probably don't have time for this letter but I'm a little bit upset about one of my buddies that just deleted me.
She just whispered to me one day while i was online that she was vip and famous now so she was deleting me. It felt like being broken up by a text messaage. This was what she whispered-
x-x-x-x-x-x- (16:20)
What i was upset about is that she didnt follow me to say bye or anything she just whispered. I was about to follow her but then i saw that i couldnt because I wasnt her buddy anymore. I just wanted to share with you about something that happened.
Sorry about it being broken into parts it just wouldnt fit into one letter

Dear ♥тσяι♥вℓєυє♥,
I am sorry that I hadn't had a chance to answer your letter before. I hope that you are doing better now. I am very sorry to hear that your friend didn't appreciate the beautiful friendship you two shared. Obviously she is more interested in meaningless things rather then having a good friend by her side. Sweetie, I know that it must be very hard and painful for you. But see it as a blessing, you really don't need friends like her that will choose popularity over the love of a friend. Popularity doesn't last long but a true friendship will, and it will bring many blessings to us.

Find and surround yourself with friends that truly value what it's really important in life and that is appreciation for a good friend. Good friends are hard to find and in reality she is the one that lost in this situation. I can tell that you still keep the love you had for your friend which makes you a very wonderful human being and the bottom line is you merely lost someone that wasn't worth it. On the other hand, your former friend lost one of the most beautiful gifts God has to give us.... she lost you... a great friend.

Keep your heart as beautiful as I know it is and open to new friends that will really appreciate the love you have to give. Smile <333

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