Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Dear Sweets*,

My name is Miko Trith. I get bulled alot in pico. When I stand up for myself and beat the bully. I get bulled even more. Then I have random people say hateful things.
Why does this happen? I'm only doing what I should, stand up for myself.

Do you know why?

Dear Miko,

Unfortunately there are many cruel and disrespectful people out there that seem to live their lives with the ONLY purpose of looking out to see who they can harass with the poison they carry in their hearts.
As I wrote a while back in one of my discrimination articles, these people seem to lack something in their own lives and therefore they try to find some sense of fulfillment by making others feel as bad as they do. Surprisingly not only kids behave this way but adults do as well. Kids are being harassed and bullied by other kids, like many adults are being harassed by other adults. It is truly a big shame.

Sadly we do not have the capability to change these people's hearts and minds. They are the way they are and it is just so sad that they choose to waste their lives away by hurting others instead of fully enjoying their own lives in a positive way.

My advice to you is to ignore them like I do. Consider the source these bullying is coming from. Are they people that really matter in your life? The answer will probably be "no". The people that really matter and genuinely care about you would never try to hurt you with their actions or words. When they say hateful things to you, believe me, it doesn't say anything about you but speaks a lot about themselves.

If you feel the need to stand up for yourself, keep in mind that many times this will probably fuel up these bullies to continue harassing you more. A bully becomes stronger if he/she knows that his/her behavior towards you is having the effect they want you to get and that is to make you angry or sad. It is not really worth it to waste your time fighting them back. If they choose to waste their lives in a negative behavior, don't lower yourself to their standards... it's really not worth it.

Close your ears to their hateful words and delete any letters/messages they send you. Don't waste valuable seconds of your life reading nonsenses, as soon as you see where this is coming from, delete immediately. If it continues, report to Ameba Pico. The steps to report someone in Pico are pretty simple to follow.

My good Miko, I ask you that you pray for these bullies.Imagine how sad their lives must be for them to be so full of hate. I know that it is hard but don't let the anger they cause you to feel affect your life. Walk with your head high and be proud of who you are and what you do. Only YOU have the power to either take into heart what they have to say, which I DO NOT recommend, or to shut them out.

Life is beautiful.... enjoy it <333

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