Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dedicated to Sweets*

I know this isn't my day to write but, I can never seem to find you on Ameba Pico and this is what I thought of to contact you. It pains me to see you and read your writings on how upset you are about you beloved Oreo. I hate to see you upset because, you deserve more. You are a positive, well hearted, nice person. You are kind to everyone and treat everybody the same. I've never heard one bad thing from or about you. And everyone who reads your AMAZING blog, or anyone you see in the virtual world of Ameba Pico is blessed that you are on this Earth. You deserve a GIANT thank you and a even BIGGER hug. And to your cat Oreo, he isn't completely gone. He is in your heart, and always will be. I would like to share a story with you, about a pet that I once knew.

     Before I was born, my parents got a Golden Retriever. They named him Tank (or as I called him "Tankie".) Tank was a part of our family. When he was feeling down my dad would stay at home. When he was hungry mom would make an extra meal just for him. I still remember the stink he made after he ate the baked beans. But the one thing I remember most about him was his reaction to Thunder. This dog is about 3ft. tall and about 100lbs. That can do some damage. So one day a SUPER bad storm came through and Tank went nuts. He ate through a door, and tried to fit under a bed. The bed tipped over and went through the wall. He was in some pretty serious trouble! Our lives were pretty normal except for the fact that my brother and I would ride Tank like a horse. Anyway one fall day Tank was acting sick and he was sleeping all day long. My dad took him to the vet, and when my dad came back Tankie wasn't there. I asked my dad "Where's Tankie?" He stopped for a second, and looked at me straight in the eyes, and said "Pumpkin, Tankie had something called Bone Cancer, the pet doctor said he was hurting really bad, Tankie is in a happier place now." I stared at him in disbelief then I broke down crying. I was so upset I slept in the garage at the exact spot he slept for days. But I realized that I loved him, and he was going to be"ok" with god. I finally stopped crying as time went on and I now remember all the fun I had with that wonderful dog Tank. Hope you feel better Sweets* god bless you and your family.


  1. Thank you my sweet Maya <3 These are very difficult times for me and my family. Oreo was indeed my baby. He came into my life and brought so much love and happiness to us. I never saw him as a pet or even a kitten, HE WAS MY BABY :( I appreciate all the letters and messages of support from ALL the people that care and love me. May God bless you all. If you have a pet, any pet, please give them a big hug and kiss from Sweets* <333

  2. No problemo sweets* i'm sure this writing is not just from me but from all the staff who work at Pico Perfect and all the generous followers, and viewers. We all say we're sorry for your loss! Hope you get better sweets*