Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grand Opening... David's Shop

What's up my Pico friends!

Today when I visited downtown NY, there was alot of commotion going on, so I went to see what the fuss was all about. Soon I see a crowd gathered in front of the grand opening of a new shop.

Yo!, this brand new shop is for all my homegirls and homeboys.

Check out these cool new items.

Let me demonstrate the three brand new actions you can get there.

1: Headspin 200 AG/ Not Available with Token
2: Dance to the Beat 50 AG/ Available with 1 Token
3: Hey Yo!! 80 AG/ Available with 1 Token

Yeah that's me....moms can be cool like that!

And since I looooove clothes, I got myself this nice outfits.

Yo-yo!!! see ya later !

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