Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

Have you noticed how BEAUTIFUL a CHILD'S SMILE is!
When a child SMILES,
All their innocence is reflected in their eyes.
They do not know of HATE,
for their Heart is full of LOVE.
Their lives are PURE,
It hasn't been tinted by disappointment or despair.
by anger or jealousy...
All they see is ONLY the BEAUTY in EVERYTHING around them.
They DO NOT hold grudges,
They DO NOT speak harsh words.
They DO NOT judge others.
They do not RUSH through LIFE.
They find JOY in the SIMPLEST things.
Their laughter fills the rooms with HAPPINESS.
and when they open their arms,
they can give THE BEST HUGS ;)

Now, why Can't We Be More Like A Child?

WRITTEN BY sweet_mom

My Pico Of The Day Is Holly!

I chose on this day to visit one of the many XMAS SKATING RINKS in search of  a VERY special Pico. On my arrival I stood by the edge of the skating rink and begin to cry while repeatedly stating I DID NOT have skates and all I wanted was to be able to skate.

Most Picos ignored me and there was ONE that was even CRUEL to my feelings. But suddenly THIS VERY KIND Pico stands in front of me and tells me not to cry... she says to me... "Here, you can have my skates", and continues to get out of the rink and stand beside me.

What a BEAUTIFUL and KIND Pico our sweet Hollyis, don't you agree?


A child sees MAGIC where there is NOTHING!

My good friend gem118 stopped her fun, just so she could tell me she is a HUGE fan of Pico Perfect Blog.

I appreciate when people let me know they like my blog :) This motivates me to continue and give the best of me.

Thank you gem118 for your support!


A child BELIEVES with no need of proof!

❂F|T|G❂Ran payed me a very PLEASANT visit the other day. She walked into my room and with her beautiful personality, BRIGHTENED every single corner of my PICO HOME!


A child can BRIGHTEN your day with a single SMILE!

xSweetPea's GORGEOUS eyes TWINKLE like the brightest STAR in the sky!


A child will adventure into INCREDIBLE journeys that he can only see!

And I conclude with a VERY special friend,  HAYLEY ( ★ ). She is ADORABLE and not only that, she LOOOVES my three pets (Picolly, Mr. Tickles and OREO) that I have a BIG suspicions, that everytime she visits my room, she leaves food behind for them!

And she has THE CROWN :(


A child can TICKLE your whole being with a simple GIGLE!

Til tomorrow, let the CHILD in you come out and PLAY :)

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  1. ok well how do you all keep from being stampeded? cause i saw dark dream then i clicked her url then i was NO WAY I JUST MET A A FAMOUS PERSON and stuff i was like freaking out :D