Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Sweet_mom...

Alina ♡  writes...

Hi , thank you so much for your message :)

I am very glad that you enjoy my blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH. As I have stated before, I am amazed of such loving response from my readers. I am very humble and never in my wildest dreams did I think people as nice as you would find interest in what I write. My writing is very SIMPLE. There are no fancy words or fancy terms in my articles... it's all from my heart :) and as long as you my faithful readers keep enjoying what I write, I will continue.

Thanks for the LOVE and SUPPORT ;)

Cristina♫Apple writes...
Hello my sweet  Cristina♫Apple, I realy hope you are doing well!

After reading your message, I couldn't help sense some sadness in your words which touched me very deeply. I do not know what is your situation with your mom , but ONE thing I DO KNOW, your mom did a WONDERFUL thing for giving life to such a SWEET and KIND girl. Thanks to her, now we have the GREAT HONOR of having you here with us.

I would be VERY HONORED to have a daughter as beautiful and sweet as you ;)
I will include you in my daily prayers right next to the ones I do for my children ;)

 LOVE YOU VERY MUCH... sweet_mom

chedeng writes...

Hello dear chedeng, by the way, you look BEAUTIFUL!

Understanding others is something we all should do. People come from different places and situations, we have to keep an open mind and learn to UNDERSTAND each person in their own way. If we can do that, we won't be falling so easily into judging others and this would be a better world to live in.

Everyone knows that I LOOOVE fashion. But the clothes we wear to make us look good, its just an illusion, its not what really defines who we really are. I won't deny it, Good Fashion is Great! but the bottom line is... "we are already beautiful and nothing else (even clothes) is more beautiful than SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Love you  

Til next Wednesday, don't stop writing...your LETTERS and MESSAGE are the fuel that keeps me writing. GOD BLESS

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  1. thank's for your answer sweet_mom, it's beautiful, sorry if I didn't find the right words to say on what i said . :) .. sweet_mom. can i ask you a question ? .had you ever written a book ? :) ,oh, and by the way I LOVE THIS BLOG . you are so adventurous and the way you write makes this blog more perfect....keep writing mom(can i just call you mom?) ^^ ...