Sunday, December 26, 2010


FINALLY, I build my Pico Restroom. I was just sooo tired of having to hold it in, Picos have "NEEDS" too, you know ;)
After I was done, creating this MONUMENTAL ,INPIRING ROOM on every Picos needs , I called a few friends to come on over and be the LUCKY first ones to use it... LOL :P

These are the first DISTINGUISH Picos with the "NEED" to honor me with their.....hmmmm......presence!

First LUCKY Pico to sit on THE THRONE was ๖ۣۜx zylem๖ۣۜ
He was so glad to see such BEAUTIFUL room that he couldn't believe his eyes and the only words he was able to say were, "That's EPIC!" He immediately proceeded to take of his clothes as he ran to it. I'm still wondering why the need to do "IT" in the nude....hhhmmmm.. oh well, to each its own!
He kept asking for a newspaper...LOL :P

Second lucky Pico to occupied "The Throne" was ωнιρ¢яєαм™!
My sweet friend  ωнιρ¢яєαмrushed in very discreet after ๖ۣۜx zylem๖ۣۜ   was done.
It was obvious that her "NEED" was not that big... LOL :P

Ok, now my gorgeous boy Dark Love ๖ۣۜ♥ had to cut in line. At first he was feeling shy of letting us know, that he too needed to use "The Throne", but after a while, he couldn't ignore the "NEED" anymore.

You don't have to be shy Dark Love ๖ۣۜ♥ , no one can see you in there and anyways, we all make THOSE thundering sounds while sitting on "The Throne"... LOL!

Now L'Heure Bleue as soon as she saw the shinny "Throne" she ran to it... and I have a feeling she had a BIG smile all the time she was in there and let me tell you, she took longer than the others.... hhmmm, she was probably taking pictures of herself by the mirror with her cellular phone, typical teenager  :)

These were the first four Picos to use my restroom. I already sent a few formal invitations out to a few friends to use this room. But anyone is welcome to it, just please don't forget to flush!!!