Monday, December 27, 2010

sweet_mom's Restroom

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that immediately after posting yesterday my article about my "RESTROOM", Picos would be showing up with the "NEED" to sit on my "THRONE". Picos kept coming in and out and a line started to form by eager Picos waiting to use my facility.

I was so pleased to see that EVERYONE was enjoying MY CREATION. I estimate that while I was in my room approximately 50 Picos showed up, not including the ones I missed.

Though my THRONE is very simple, it serves well the "NEED". I still invite who ever wants to use my restroom to come on over. But PLEASE, do not forget to flush and spray after you are done :P

Here are a few of the Picos that were kind enough to let me take their pictures.

Oh my sweet [♥]Breezy[♥] had seen my post and was eager to experience the THRONE like all the other Picos that showed up. Once in there we all kept hearing the sound of relief she was experiencing! It must have been nice ;)

Now my good friend Mel Molly walked in there with her dog "WHISTLES". She took sooo long that I kept asking her if she was ok. When she finally exited the facility, she informed me on the latest news. No wonder she took sooo long, all that time she and Whistles had been reading the newspaper :P

Now, our good friend ♫Ichigo Amaya♫ was skating when he got the NEED and immediately rushed to my house. Once in there, we could all hear music and singing coming from the room.

Just imagine when I build a SHOWER in there.... what are the  ČяÄžthings my Picos will be doing  :O

My THRONE is fit to serve even ROYALTY, we all know QUEENS get the NEEDS too.
My silly friend ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ came and HONORED us with her.... oh well, ROYAL NEED in the nude ;)

Finally, last but not least, I was so HAPPY and TOUCHED when I saw my good friend Peggy Hill honor me with her visit :) For the ones that don't know this, Peggy Hill and Gem Rock from PicoStyle Blog are my "PICO SISTERS", together with Catero, I consider them "MIA FAMILIA" (my Pico Family).

She is such a good sport that she accepted my invitation to use my THRONE immediately! The only problem was that by the time she got to use the THRONE, I had run out of toilet paper, luckily for her, she always carries some under her WIGS.... LOL :P

Time to say goodbye , but remember, if you ever get the "NEED", you are welcome to my humble house:P


  1. lol this post is so funny and cute x3
    it made my day

    uh oh! ╧O╧ i think i need to use the bathroom now

  2. ERICAXX/ANGEL ARIKODecember 30, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    Ooooooooooh why cant i be in the pic? :'(((
    HUHU sweet_mom i wanna be on the pic too ! :((((