Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in the Casino

On Easter Sunday, while I was waiting for my kids to finish getting ready and gather their Easter goodies so we could head out to the park across our house, and while ROM-eo™ was having the time of his life at the one of the greatest concerts ever held in Pico where Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson were the main attraction, and while Catero was...actually I don't have ANY idea were Catero was on Easter Sunday :P

Anyways, I decided to go gamble for a while and take advantage of the last day of "5 Times Slot Campaign" at the Vegas' casino, but before leaving my room I jumped into my Full Bunny Costume Outfit and made a quick stop at the Shop Lounge where as soon as I walked in, I noticed a "NEW" shop, or so I thought. Standing there in an unmovable position, stood this very distinguished gentleman repeating the word SHOP... SHOP... SHOP. I though, how lucky can I be, a brand new place to go shopping. However my excitement dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes when I realized that this new shop was no other then
♂ L_E☆TITANS1♀ playing a trick on all of us :P No wonder the word SHOP on top of his head looked different from the other shops... silly me!

After I realized how easy I had been fooled, I decided to see what our friend had to offer. Once I approached him I realized that this distinguished Pico was very polite and friendly. He wasn't a shop full of fashion or home items, but even better, he was a Pico full of politeness and friendliness.

While at the Shop Lounge I had the pleasure of bumping into ☆♡babypink♡☆ who asked me right away if I was the Easter Bunny when she saw me. Of course I said "YES!" :P

Now once I hit the casinos, my luck was on its high. I had the fortune of hitting the high 100,000 figures several times. Lady luck was on my side and thanks to her I was finally able to get not only the Bourgeois Peacock Design Dress, but the Bourgeois Peacock Feather Hills and Bourgeois Peacock Feather Mini hat as well.
I also had the great fortune of bumping into my very good friend Cara Frappé from Cara-Hara Blog which I had not seen in so long... Little Cara, I super love you ;)

Below are two snapshots that I took of my highest wins :)

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