Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Concert You Would Not Want to Miss.

Written by: ROM-eo™

April 24, 2011 where was I? I was at one of the most spectacular, thrilling, breathtaking, stunning, concerts witnessed in a Pico’s room. And to whom do we give honor for this event? No one other than HՁO. The room was set up like a real concert hall, fans surrounded the stage, and you even had to queue just to get to the second room (where the concert was being held). The room was packed; if it were a real concert it would have been sold out in a matter of seconds. We were told that the first star was getting ready and that he would be on stage in 15 minutes.

After the 15 minute wait the first star made his appearance on stage. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson appeared and the fans went crazy. At certain points of his performance, you couldn't even see his face because it was being covered by all of the chat boxes filled with excitement. The crowd sang along with him as he sang "Thriller". He moon walked up and down the stage and truly amazed and captivated the audience. He almost looked like the real Michael Jackson

I thought that just being able to see the first performance was a great, but then “She” appeared. At first the crowed couldn't contain themselves, but they settled down enough for her to reveal her true identity it was Lady Gaga who also made an appearance at the concert. The beautiful and multi talented phenomenon dazzled us with her presence alone. From the moment she was sitting in the bath tub we knew that she would be performing “Bad Romance” for us. Lady Gaga connected with audience on a personal level and was able to get them involved in the act by singing along with her.

The show delivered all of the expected delights of both Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson.
The queue was worth the wait and luckily I got their just in time to get a good spot. Hopefully HՁO will throw another event like this again and who knows maybe you might get the chance to see Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson or other stars. Be on the lookout.


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  2. Sergejus, thanks for reading, but writers on Pico Perfect write about and take photos of whomever or whatever they feel like. Your nemesis just happens to be in ROM-eo™'s photos. Get over it. It's not appropriate for you to comment here about your personal issues with her and drag your dirty laundry out in public.