Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who is Wearing What
in Pico #2

This is a very classy guy that really knows how to put a great outfit together. jail has combined the Trench coat perfectly with the boots and check patterned hunting cap. He carefully kept it in two main color BLACK and BROWN with a little hint of white on the neck collar.

Sweet ♥SapphireÜ25♥ is wearing one of Lolita's dresses with the white boots. She placed a big bow over a white beanie hat wish compliments perfectly the whole outfit.

I'm still wondering if that's a vest she is wearing on top of her dress?

Our friend Noirkicsm really knows what she is doing. She has put together a chic outfit perfect for a day out with her friends. I am sorry but I am going to copy her look...I loooove it :)

Bad boy サイエンス is a total DEVILISH REBEL wearing all black, and yet a hint of sweetness is added by his gorgeous blonde hair.

☆りん☆ is wearing an outfit that I can't find the right words to describe it, and still I find myself liking the way it looks :)

What law says that your outfit has to make ANY scence.... RIGHT?

Ohhh cutie april all in PINK! I love the way she added a little red with her pin and bracelet. And the sunflower she holds on her hand matches her golden hair beautifuly.

Now our friend yamu is wearing what I would call "THE BOHEMIAN PRINCESS" look. She has combined a sweet princess gown with an elegant Monotone hat which makes her outfit look out of the ordinary.

I love it when Picos are not afraid to take risks like this with their wardrobe.

Mysterious Gen Garfield is wearing an outfit that makes him look like "THE MASTER OF DARKNESS". His look is perfect from head to toes. One word to describe it... WOW!

Here is another look that I am going to copy (except for the pale skin). Beautiful MANA has put a great GOTHIC LOLITA look by combining Lolita's original pieces with regular ones, wasn't that clever? :)

BabeXen↖(^ω^)↗ really Knows fashion. I've been checking her profile on a regular basis, and this girl really knows how to look good in the perfect outfits.

With those beautiful big brown eyes, Chandra Chan" couldn't go wrong when she put on her purple oufit. SHE LOOKS GREAT!

I also have been checking her profile and she too keeps up with the great look at all times.

Til next Wednesday, LOOK GOOD and FEEL FAB!!!

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