Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

WRITTEN BY L'Heure Bleue

I love fashion more than anything and I enjoy competing in fashion shows as much as the next girl. I just love it when my friend Vegemite sends me an invitation to attend to her fashion parties. They are very fun to be present at and usually the contestants and I, well, we do tend to get along, sharing some good jokes and laughs. I think of it all as simply having fun even if I don’t win a couple of rounds. In my mind, I have already won. That’s how it should be for not just me, but for everyone, and it doesn't matter if you don’t win.

Quitting isn’t good and by putting effort, you achieve to win. Calling on something positive through the mind...It’s powerful because the mind attracts either on something positive or negative. It’s up to one person to choose – you. We're only human, so the need to be accepted and impress others, its something we probably all go through. Fashion...for me, its not about trying to look good for others, but more of a way to look and feel good about one self.  

P.S: I wish you all and Merry Christmas and an exciting and totally happy New Year. Remember, enjoy, celebrate, party, and most importantly have a great time!

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