Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

Let it be known that from this moment on, this will be sweet_mom's FAVORITE LOOK ;)

Finding TRUE HAPPINESS may mean many times taking the risk of getting hurt.
However, even in the process or should I say, on the event of getting hurt, the RISK is well worth it. How can we ever find true Happiness if we keep our hearts and lives close to the outside world. We CAN NOT live in fear. We must venture into the world and allow ourselves to experience what life has to offer.
At the end of the journey, you might had felt some pain, but you might had also discovered GOD's greatest gifts of TRUE HAPPINESS, TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDSHIPS.

My Pico Of The Day Is Boo*.

I met her at Beginner's Plaza yesterday. She was sooo IMPRESSED with my dress that she decided to take a picture with me NO MATTER WHAT! We had the hardest time though, people would keep blocking us "INTENTIONALLY"  >:(  and then her computer kept MISBEHAVING, so she had to keep logging in and finding me again. Fortunately at the end, we decided to just go to my room and take this BEAUTIFUL picture there. It was definitely ALL worth it at the end :)

Rary Toto, such a BEAUTIFUL girl :) Her with  her GOLDEN BELL, were ringing for PEACE, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for mankind. That's The Spirit!

OMG, what a beautiful tiny girl you are :)  Sweet !Dream-lovers! looked sooo CUTE at Beginner's Plaza. I almost stepped over her....POOR BABY ;)

Our friend Ballliii Sara was just enjoying her visit at Chloe's house when I saw her. I noticed she had been blessed with a beautiful mark right next to her eye. She looked so cute in her overall shorts. "But girl, weren't you cold?" :O

Til tomorrow, remember that many times in order to find TRUE HAPPINESS you have to be prepared to experience some pain in the process ;)

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