Thursday, December 9, 2010

Multiple Choice Question :P

Seriously, what do you see wrong with this picture...

A: Our friends  ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ and  ™IsabellaXD™ are devouring a delicious apple pie I baked for them early yesterday morning?

B: Our friends  ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ and  IsabellaXD™ are busy eating all the sweet treats I still had left in my pocket from Halloween?

C: Our friends  ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕ and ™IsabellaXD™ are SOOO hungry that they attacked a box of tissues my friend ☜ℳℒim☞ had on his table?

The answer is "C"

After my good friend   ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕  and I visited frans_exe and even made a quick stop in HELL to say hi to the  D  E  V  I  L, we decided to stop by my friend ☜ℳℒim☞  and give him a surprise visit. However, as soon as he saw me he hide behind a Disco Ball and wouldn't show his face. I wonder why :O The whole time I spent talking to a DISCO BALL >:(

When he left, we stayed behind in his room with our friend  ™IsabellaXD™. We were so hungry that we search for food EVERYWHERE but found nothing :(  My poor girls had no choice but to attack the poor box of tissues that was on the table.

BTW ☜ℳℒim☞,  if you find your room all messed up, it was us, so next time before you leave, feed me and my friends some food :P

And another thing, this is something that might get you thinking, Has anyone here in Pico ever gone to the "Pico Restroom"?  My friend ◕ܫ◕Ver☆nica◕ܫ◕  and I were just wondering :O

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