Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mr. Bibo

My husband is the love of my life. We been married for 15 years and our love has grown stronger and deeper with time. There are so many things I love about him...

I love the way he makes me laugh and the way he looks at me.
He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman even on my worst days.
He supports and shares my dreams.
He'll let me sleep late when I don't feel like getting up.
and he'll settle for a sandwich when I don't feel like cooking.
I love the way my heart goes crazy when I hear his truck drive up as he returns home from work.
I love how he'll cuddle my feet with his own to warm them up if I am feeling cold.
I love how he sits infront of me and will sing to me LADY  by Kenny Roggers.
On his day off, he'll take me out to a movie and restaurant while our kids are in school,
we call it "OUR DATE DAY" and he will hold my hand.
I love it when from far away hell wink back at me to let me know he loves me.
And I love it when he tells me I LOVE YOU.

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