Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meeting ☺♥Sophia Izz♥☻

Last week we got an email from ☺♥Sophia Izz♥☻ (formerly sтяαωвєяяуcαкє), a very young lady who wants to be a writer. She sent us a very short message with a photo, in hopes that we would post it here on Pico Perfect.

Photo Credit: taken by ☺♥Sophia Izz♥☻; pictured ☺♥Sophia Izz♥☻ (left), Jessica Izz (right)
Hi, I'm Sophia and I'd like to be  a writer.

I took a photo of my mommy (Jessica Izz) and me making a heart.

I would really love if you could post it on your blog.

☺♥Sophia Izz♥☻

Sophia's letter was so cute that it intrigued us. So, we caught up with her this morning and asked her a few questions.
Pico Perfect: You mentioned in your message to us that you would like to be a writer. What got you interested in writing?
Sophia Izz: Yes. I started writing at school. My teachers have helped me.

PP: What kind of writer do you think you would like to be? Children's books writer? Novelist? Journalist? Or something else?
SI: Children's books.

PP: What is your favorite book and who is your favorite writer?SI: My fav book is Monster High and my fav wirters are Catero and sweet_mom.

PP: Final question - what would you like the Pico Perfect readers to know about you?SI: I would just like them to say "hi" to me and add me.
Sophia was such a polite girl to speak with. When asked if we could take a photo of her she replied, "Yes, you may". So graciously ... kind of like how one would expect Queen Elizabeth to respond.

Visit Sophia's blog and Follow her (at the very bottom of the page).

[Update: Sophia has changed her name (Pico ID) once again! This time it's just plain 'ol ☺♥Sophia♥☻]

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