Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confessions of a Gacha Addict

Written by Peggy Hill

I’m addicted and it’s really bad. I’ve searched far and wide for help, wandered the Self Help aisle at my local bookstore to find something to help me rid my disease... and NADA. UGH! No, I’m not talking about my crackberry, or my food addiction... I’m not even talking about my love for bumpin’ uglies!

It’s Premium Gacha Fever baby and I’ve caught it.

If I don’t spin it at least once a day... I get the shakes. Never mind that they’ve increased the price or that my two rooms are filled to capacity! I NEED TO SPIN IT.

Since I’m a cheap Asian hobo, I’ve done the equivalent to real life street walking... I’ve become a survey machine. Yes, I’ve sold my soul to the devil, I’m answering really personal questions about my preferences in salsa and various other things at the cheap rate of 200AG per date.

It’s BAD.

I see no end to this madness, I’ve thought about going cold turkey, stickin’ it to the AG man... I really was going to call it quits!

Ameba must have known about my intentions because they pulled out all the stops. They hit me where it hurts, they went super kawaii on my ass, they released usagi goodness...

...and just like that, I was sucked back in. My level of excitement was so over the top that I didn’t even notice that this gacha was 100AG per spin! I have never before spent so much on premium gacha and frankly I didn’t even care. I spun twice and it was fabulous.

I’m weak, I know!

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