Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snobbish Picos

Written by: ---ɧєʀрєѕღℓเgħт™

I wanted to tell you guys what I have seen around pico.

Picos and Picoettes have been acting very snobby lately because of their AG clothes and hairstyles. People who have AG are not different then people who don't. We all share the website we know and love, Ameba Pico! So why not treat each other like family?

My point here is that we are all the same and no one is better than the other. People like Catero and Sweets*, I look up to them. Even though they are rich, they have a personality that can make anyone feel better after someone has been mean to them :). I hope to be like that some day!


  1. yup its deffannoying T^T i told this girl i liked her clown suit and she was all go away noob! even though i had the opposite color suit on! T_T then she wouldnt leave meh alone and stalked me aroung the park till i left >:(

  2. yeah true. there are so many snobbish picos around. 'even though you are the richest pico of all, stay HUMBLE, that's the most important.'

  3. Nah, don't mind those people. Lots of picos use illegal AG anyway. It's not like all of them are "rich". Better to use your money for something more useful.

  4. O.o "illegal" AG ??? omg like wont u get banned from pico? and besides i feel really bad for those who don't have AG (only if they are like newbie compared to hecka rich ppl)and i totally agree with the first comment and like there was this girl i saw and here's the scene:

    Totally rich girl sitting at a table and a girl who is way poorer than her comes up.
    Totally rich girl:"Ewww get away from me poor person!"(along with the snobby accent u can imagine)
    Poor Girl: "I ain't poor"
    *tries to impress the bully girl with her best outfit*
    Totally rich girl: Get away from me! *Walks away from the table and sits at a totally rich ppl table*
    -the end.(true pico story scene)

  5. agree!!
    Plus it does not help that all the good items are ag only.
    I miss old pico where almost everything was token or gummie.
    Pico is turning into a pay to play game :c
    Even earning ag is not easy no more :l