Sunday, April 17, 2011

A friendly tip from ROM-eo™

Written by: ROM-eo

A token can go a long way, if you spend it right. Why spend Ameba Gold on an item that you can buy with a token? The possibilities with a token aren't as limited as you think.

You can buy things for your wardrobe, actions, room decor, and a lot of other wonderful things too! I will let you in on a little secret my favorite white combat boots were bought with a token and that’s the best token I have ever spent. It doesn't make sense to spend 230 Ameba Gold on a sweater that you can use a token for. Some items on Pico are worth simply gold and some are worth gold and tokens. I understand if you buy an item that is simply gold, but if you want to save extra gold use a token instead on items that require them. If you can afford not even pay attention to tokens, then by all means carry on. However, if you are frugal like me you, using a token just might save you some Gold. Gaining a token may take two weeks, but patience is a virtue and you will be rewarded for your wait.

Having to buy gold every now and then can become a hassle, and it seems like almost everything today is gold. Premium Gacha really wouldn’t bother me as much if they didn’t give you the same item repeatedly.Like me, it probably aggravates you when you expect to get that one Gacha item you desire the most but then end up with 7 of the same things and you already previously have 5 of the other items in your wardrobe.

Even though it pains me to continue playing Gacha, I will never stop. Hopefully something could be done so that we wouldn't have to experience getting the same items over and over again. I hope my little Token use/Gold saving tip was a bit usefully to you. Just some friendly advice from me to you.

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