Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm A Winner!

Every time Ameba Pico comes up with a new action I get overly excited. I see every new action as a chance to use it for different photo poses for the blog. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I went to see how this new action works. Unfortunataly it is only available with Casino Money for C$50,000.

You can find the  new "I'm A Winner" action in Ben's Shop located in the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas.

While I was at the Shop Lounge looking for anyone that had boughten the new "I'm A Winner" action, I saw
Skittleshy who shared with me a little of what has been going on in her Pico life.

(23:22) Skittleshy: hi sweets
(23:22) Sweets*: hi
(23:22) Skittleshy: its me  mia
(23:23) Sweets*: hi sweetie
(23:23) Sweets*: how r u
(23:23) Skittleshy: im fine
(23:23) Sweets*: :)
(23:23) Skittleshy: but got hacked
(23:23) Sweets*: OMG :O
(23:23) Sweets*: u did?
(23:23) Sweets*: :(
(23:23) Skittleshy: yea
(23:23) Sweets*: :(
(23:23) Sweets*: you lost EVERYTHING?
(23:24) Skittleshy: yea
(23:24) Sweets*: :(
(23:24) Sweets*: awww that's sad
(23:24) Sweets*: I am sorry sweetie
(23:24) Sweets*: are you ok?
(23:24) Skittleshy: yeaa
(23:24) Sweets*: good
(23:24) Sweets*: keep smiling <3

Suddenly like magic вun вun  from Japan appeared playing around with THE new action and I couldn't resist taking a few photos of her ;)

(23:24) вun вun: hello sweet
(23:24) Sweets*: hi
(23:24) вun вun: i lve ur blog
(23:24) Sweets*: awww
(23:24) Sweets*: TY
(23:25) Skittleshy: me too
(23:25) вun вun: so much
(23:25) Skittleshy: i always read it
(23:25) Sweets*: omg
(23:25) Sweets*: u have the new action
(23:25) Sweets*: u got it :)
(23:25) вun вun: yeah
(23:25) вun вun: i buy it

I can't wait to get this new "I'm A Winner" action for my photo shoots :) Right now I am at C$8,503, I still have a looong way to go, so you'll be seeing alot of me around the casinos.

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