Friday, May 20, 2011

Prom Attire

YAY!!! They brought back last year's Prom Dresses. Now we have different styles to choose from, isn't that wonderful? Luckily for me I was able to use my Mr. Bibo as a model for the Prom suits ;)

Now lets get down to business ;)

This year's new dress style is "Shine Like A Diamond Prom Dress" available in pink, blue and black/with purple for 200 AG.

The black "Bow Waist Tiered Prom Dress" available with a white, pink or purple bow for 200 AG is my favorite style, very simple but elegant.

The "Sexy Prom Dress with Front Slits" available in blue, yellow, purple and red for 200 AG, is the perfect style for the girl that is not afraid to show a little skin ;) This style is definitely sexy and fun!

The white "Frilled Taffeta Prom Dress" that comes with a blue, black, gold, red, purple or green bow for 200 AG, is more for the conservative and yet fun youthful girl.

The "Catch Her Heart Prom Suit" available in purple, blue and pink for 200 AG, is for the guy that is not afraid to "REALLY" add vivid color to his attire.

Now if you still want to add color but more on a conservative way, the "Stole Your Heart Prom Suit" available in  red, white, green or black for 200 AG is a perfect option :)

The "Easygoing Party Suit" available in black or gray for 200 AG has to be my favorite one for my husband. Doesn't he look sooo sexy?!  But to tell you the truth the sexiest thing about my husband is his smile ;)

Finally, "The Cool Prom Tuxedo" available in red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple for 200 AG, has to be the perfect choice for the guy that wants to match his date's dress color.

There are also three different styles of hair accessories available in a variety of colors, the best thing is some are actually being sold for gummies... YAY!

Corsages, Satin long and short gloves His/Hers are also available in beautiful colors to compliment your Prom attire.

For all wig lovers, you will find a variety of wig styles in navy, white and yellow for both men and women. Unfortunately these wigs are only available with Ameba Gold :(

These three different prom shoe styles are perfect for any occasion and they come in a large range of colors. Luckily for us, they are all available with AG OR a token :)

I gotta say that the "Catch Her Heart Prom Shoes" available in pink, blue and black for our guys are also perfect for us gals.

Now that you've seen all the beautiful Prom items from 2010 and 2011, there is one thing left to say... "Let's go shopping!"


While Mr. Bibo and I were at the Prom Party Hall taking a picture for this article, I had the joy of bumping into "Ciel Shieru" from Japan :)

(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": omg
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": SWEETS
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": OMG
(14:56) Sweets*: hi
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": IS THAT YOU
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": !*!*&*#&*&!*&*u*!#*&!*
(14:56) Sweets*: yes
(14:56) Sweets*: lol
(14:56) Sweets*: no
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": OMG 3ND TIME MEET
(14:56) Sweets*: it's me
(14:56) Sweets*: lol
(14:56) "Ciel Shieru": I LUV YOU XD
(14:57) Sweets*: awww thanks
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": thats ur husband??
(14:57) Sweets*: he is afk
(14:57) Sweets*: yes
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": o
(14:57) Sweets*: in RL
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": ye i know
(14:57) Sweets*: how r u
(14:57) "Ciel Shieru": fine sweet mommma
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": cant believe this u agen XD
(14:58) Sweets*: lol
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": :3
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": i luv ur crown
(14:58) Sweets*: I am the prom queen
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": and dress
(14:58) Sweets*: lol
(14:58) Sweets*: :P
(14:58) "Ciel Shieru": yes you are XD
(14:58) Sweets*: JK
(14:59) Sweets*: lol
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": no no you are !! >:3
(14:59) Sweets*: you look so pretty
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": thx XD
(14:59) Sweets*: love ur dress
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": too bad no red
(14:59) Sweets*: I know :(
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": i like colour blue and red
(14:59) Sweets*: but they brought back last year's
(14:59) "Ciel Shieru": yes

Suddenly she disappeared and  a bit later she visited my room and we talked about the prom photo contest and treated me to a delicious Bunny Tea... soon it was time to say goodbye...

(15:11) Sweets*: bye sweetie
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": bye mama
(15:11) Sweets*: super love you
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": super love you too
(15:11) "Ciel Shieru": yay kisses


  1. Wonderful post. Love it. Actually sexy prom dresses is now more acceptable to prom girls.