Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Special Shout Out

This special Shout-Out goes to ™|STARS|™ Ricy  from The United States of America!
                      For dancing with me just now at Beginner's Plaza.

                         Another special Shout-Out goes to Lord of light!
                                      For being such "A Nice Guy!"

Another very special Shout-Out goes to se tho ling  from Aruba and  ♥Sшiτροτаτο♥™ from Iceland!
♥Sшiτροτаτο♥™ thanks for feeding me at Beginner's Plaza and  to se tho ling for being always so sweet <3

(21:31) se tho ling: hi sweet
(21:31) Sweets*: hi :)
(21:31) se tho ling: hi like ur room
(21:31) se tho ling: seriously
(21:31) Sweets*: TY
(21:31) se tho ling: do u remember me
(21:31) Sweets*: yes I do
(21:31) Sweets*: :)
(21:31) se tho ling: aa thanks
(21:31) se tho ling: i always go ur room
(21:31) se tho ling: when i am not happy
(21:31) Sweets*: awww
(21:32) se tho ling: ur room is like a house for me
(21:32) Sweets*: do u find comfort there?
(21:32) se tho ling: yes
(21:32) Sweets*: good
(21:32) se tho ling: :)
(21:32) Sweets*: I am glad
(21:33) se tho ling: u look gorgeous to day
(21:33) se tho ling: hows oreo?
(21:34) Sweets*: 'Oreo
(21:34) Sweets*: omg he did so much today
(21:34) se tho ling: really?
(21:34) Sweets*: I'll post tomorrow about him
(21:34) se tho ling: what he did
(21:34) se tho ling: yes
(21:34) se tho ling: update him pls
(21:34) Sweets*: took 2 steps
(21:34) Sweets*: and jumped
(21:34) Sweets*: lol
(21:35) Sweets*: I almost cried
(21:35) Sweets*: )
(21:35) se tho ling: no wonder u are so happy
(21:35) Sweets*: I am!

And finally, this very special Shout-Out goes to ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕ from Ireland!
                             For feeding my pets, thank you so much <333

21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: hello
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sorry
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: for
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sneaking here
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: at ur house
(21:54) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: :)
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: I'll Just feed ur pets when ur not online
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: sometimes
(21:55) ◕。◕Nica027◕。◕: bye

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