Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweets*' Thoughts

                                                 WRITTEN BY Sweets*

Today I saw a child!

She was wearing no shoes, running freely without a care in the world.
Her face was slightly dirty and her hair wasn't groomed.
Her modest dress looked worn-out
But she seemed not to care.

She was playing in the park across my house
Letting out laughter so loud
Playing with a broken bike,
but she seemed not to mind.

I sat there.. watching her
Admiring her and feeling a little ashamed.
This beautiful child is so happy,
with the little she's got.

She enjoys to the fullest
even the smallest things
seeing the beauty in everything
She doesn't complain or feel sorry for herself

She's a beautiful child
Rich in love and thankfulness...

Today I saw a child... and she touched my heart in a wonderful way :)

                                            WRITTEN BY Sweets*

My tears have turned into flowers.
I'll sell you one for a smile.
These flowers are very special,
even though they were planted in a season of sadness,
they survived the storm of heartbreaking,
and now they stand strong and proud,
and I carry them in my basket.

My flowers represent Strength
Love, Hope and Faith
and the Trust and Respect
That every human heart should have.

So won't you buy a flower from me?
They only cost one smile :)

                                              WRITTEN BY Sweets*

Life is beautiful... so beautiful!

It's amazing how after the melancholy storm,
The sun shines again,
Even bringing brighter days,
Putting fresh and new smiles on our face.
Giving us new hope
And seeing the world in a new way.

Thank you Lord... for this beautiful life of mine.

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