Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old Photos

Late last night after enjoying a wonderful display of fireworks in my small home town in Texas, I was eager to spend some quality time with my dear Picos. However my wish came to an abrupt halt when as I tried logging in, a scheduled service maintenance was in effect.

Now what?! I thought, and suddenly I heard the hallelujahs behind me, like a little voice telling me to go to my saved Pico photos from the past. You should know that I have TONS of them :)

These next ten photos are just a few of the piles and piles I have, please enjoy :)

Notice in these two pictures how my two beautiful girls have the same eyes and mouth. Gosh even the shape of their face is the same! However, their nose is the only thing on their faces that differs one from the other. It is incredible how one single thing can make a difference.

In life we all have "that" one special thing that sets us apart from the rest and makes us special. Sometimes, you might really have to search deeply within yourself to find it. But it's there, trust me ;)

We continue with these two cute Picos that have their hands full. I still remember a Pico a while back at Beginners Plaza, completely naked, but holding in both his hands every single item he could hold which was a hilarious sight :P

Make sure that you always carry in your hand a genuine hand shake or a loving caress. Use your hands to create beauty and not destruction.

Aren't these two Picos sooo adorably cute? One is dressed more with a tough look and the other one in a sweet angel/Ladybug. Their look may be different but they stll both look equally sweet :)

We should never assume how a person is by the way they look. The true essence of a human being lays deeper then the outside layer. Sometimes what we think is one thing, could totally be different from what we thought. Take the time to dig deeper and discover the beauty in each human being.

Two cutie boys, one holds a flower, the other one a pencil. Both as if they have different interests in life.

Having different interests than others in life is what makes this wold so interesting.  It is wonderful when we mix in the bowl of life the many different interests and make life more exciting. Can you imagine if EVERYONE shared the same ONE interest? How boring the would be! :P

And finally, my girls that love flowers. Tell me what girl doesn't.

When someone gives us flowers we feel happy, loved and very special. There shouldn't be a special occasion to give or receive a flower. Isn't the fact that that person makes us happy reason enough to give them a flower? I actually give flowers away everyday to the people I love, my flowers are in the form of words. Some of my friends already have a field of flowers that I have planted in their hearts.

Don't forget to smile and know that Sweets* loves you all very much <333


  1. I luv ur inspiring words :)

  2. sweets* i admire that you can see the best in anyone,and i know that some people who look at this may disapprove of these wonderful creature's looks. But you find them beautiful in their own way. sweets* everyone here is blessed to be in your presence god bless you!