Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day At The Park

Today I was very excited to be back and went in search of anything interesting to write about. I wasn't sure what I was really looking for but I knew that once I would see it, I would know that was IT.
What I found was a park full of great Picos involved in many great conversations. There was so much going on around me that I couldn't decide whose conversation to stick with since they were many so amusing to me.
Here are three of the many I had a chance to eavesdrop in (in other words, be nosy :P)


(15:09) Joe cheezeball: i love every meat
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: mostly samon
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: samons good
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:09) Joe cheezeball: even though my cat tries eating it
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: i dont think iv had samon.
(15:09) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:10) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: ur cat not like cat food
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: no she does
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: shes a fat cat
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: last night
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: she ate a whole can of tuna
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: cat food
(15:10) Joe cheezeball: AND
(15:10) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD

(15:10) Joe cheezeball: my turkey!
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: i would hide ur food when u eat.
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: shes a fatty >:/
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: not even my cat eats that muchh
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: shes down in the basement
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: she likes it down there
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: xD
(15:11) ЯคωЯ♥ßυмßL€ßêε: miceee
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: so imma keep her there
(15:11) Joe cheezeball: so she cant eat my tuna melt tonight xD

This first story comes from a pet parent that seems to be a bit annoyed by his chubby cat and had no choice but to lock the EATS-EVERYTHING feline in the dungeon,  I mean the basement. He is determined to protect his food from being devoured by the fatty beast. 
Yes Joe cheezeball! You must protect your salmon and that delicious tuna melt you are planning to have for dinner. May the force be with you.

The Noob

(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: xD
(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: pst
(15:09) fαмé-Stripple: whats a noob??
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: people call me a ”noob”
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: whats that?
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: Oh someone thats new
(15:10) fαмé-Stripple: :)

This second story comes from a VERY confuse Pico that seems to not be sure what a NOOB is.

Though it seems that somehow his question was answered, correctly or incorrectly,

I wonder who was the nice Pico that put our friend at rest with an answer?

But friend, was all the screaming necessary?

A Wonderful Fan
(15:10) Kiтту♥: OMG OMG<3
(15:10) Kiтту♥: OMGGG<3
(15:11) Kiтту♥: Hi Sweets :o
(15:11) Kiтту♥: I'm a big fan of your blog ;o;
(15:12) Kiтту♥: I just wanted to say your pico ish adorable.
(15:12) Sweets*: awww tyyy :))
(15:12) Kiтту♥: Your welcome<3

And our third and final story comes from a great fan that made my day <3


As it always happens, I felt nervous and extremely shy and I couldn't say much.

My dear Picos, please don't take my shyness for snobbish, I am just a very shy person and can't seem to overcome it. But know that I love you all very much and I am very thankful for your love and support. You all are my little rays of sunshine that truly brighten my days <333

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