Monday, March 19, 2012


was the very first time that my poor Pico tummy received any food since my return to Ameba Pico.
Thanks to
=midori='s generosity,
I was able to return to my room with a big smile and a tummy the size of a watermelon.

is one of the LisaSmiss™ Family members,
one of my very favorite families in Pico.
And the reason for that is,
that the 
LisaSmiss™ Family have always been very polite and kind towards me
and I bet with many of you as well. 
Never have I seen any of their members in an inappropriate behavior.
On the contrary,
for what I have experienced personally with this particular family
is an outstanding example of respect and kindness.

Thank you
 =midori= for the yummy food you gave me at the park. Hope to keep bumping into generous Picos like you that very kindly want to share their food with others <333

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  1. =midori= is a total sweetheart. She's great to talk to and smart to boot! ♥

    - Hieroglyph