Monday, May 14, 2012

Angel Dream Room

Peacefully dreaming away
On the moon
with a shape of a big smile.
Nothing to worry or complain,
Unless I start to create some thunder.

LOL, that is sooo funny. Allow me to let you in the joke. I used to drink a warm glass of milk every night before bed. It would give me a soothing feeling but then it started giving me gas too, so I had to stop drinking it :(

I know, I know TMI (Too Much Information) but what can I say. In order for you to get my funny poem you have to know the facts.

By the way,
Do you like it?
If you don't it is ok, I won't get butthurt as they say. My daughter actually makes fun of me. She thinks it is funny how I truly believe that I can compose a poem. She is always asking me, "Mom, does your poem supposed to rhyme?" I usually answer her this way, "HECK NO!" But in reality I wish it did, just don't let her know this ;)

But anyways, is there really a proper way, rule or guideline that says how a poem supposed to be written?
YES, there is. But that only applies to professional poets :P
I am just trying to have some fun writing and so their methods do not apply to me.
You do not to need to be a pro on things you enjoy doing in life. For example, if you like to ballet dance but you know diddlysquat about it. Just go for it, pretend you do and have fun.

R Y U U 。A。 ~ Sweets*Novellino♥

The new Angel Dream Gacha Room was the inspiration for such a touching poem.  The soft, pastel colors which were used for this room remind me of a big glass with cold vanilla flavored milk... how about the strawberry milk flavor?

Haha, don't worry. No milk for me.

Gacha (50AG) is once again filled with great prizes. However, every single item seems to be for us  beautiful princesses, how about our uglies... our boys?
JuSt KiDDinG :P
All our boys are cutie pies ;)
They forgot to include some items for them too >:(

T E N G buddy, sorry you won't find anything in there for you.
It's all for girls.

T E N G, unless you want the dress which is like in a baby's breath soft pink color but honestly I don't think it goes well with your style. Perhaps the yellow chair decorated with that purple flower cushion or the cute chest. Your chances in winning a prize suitable to your manly style are very slim, actually less than zero, unless you win that other item that looks like some lifting weights. But then you would be stuck with such weights that seemed to have been created for Tinker Bell. Either way it is a lose lose situation for you or any guy that takes a chance on this particular gacha.

Now moving on to the shop.
How exciting!!!
I can't wait to see the MANY wonderful things we can buy without having to take our chances  in ending up getting a sucky thing like in Gacha.
I wonder if there is at least one thing that I can get with one of my Tokens.
OH Lord, I can't wait, the anticipation is killing me!

ONLY THREE ITEMS!? You got to be kidding me!
And to top it all the "shop" says...

"Dress Up As Sweetest Angels!"

With what am I supposed to dress up as an angel? Am I supposed to wear the wall as a dress? Ah, and probably the floor as shoes and the mirror as a halo!?

You are killing me!


Before I leave  :))))
I want to thank ScarIett

and Bitty™  and my family from Picostyle for their Mother's Day wishes. They were rays of sunshine that brighten my day even more. SuPeR LoVe YoU <333

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  1. About the poem thing, there is no exact "guideline" or "rule" to writing a poem. There is a certain format called free verse, where the poem doesn't have a specific format. A person doesn't have to be a professional in order to write a poem. Writing a poem should be fun, and just words that come from our heart and mind.