Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chins Up

I believed in fairy tales and happy endings, but then Wooo, my little heart was shattered, what am I saying? It was pulverized
And then it got me thinking...
Heck yeah!
I still believe in fairy tales and happy endings.
One prince charming that turned out to be just another toad in the pond is not gonna ruin it for me :P

Now that I have finally found the last piece of my broken heart, I am ready to start stitching it back together with threads of love from all my family and friends.

It is possible to keep a smile even when our little hearts are crying.
We shall never lose faith in people but we still need to be careful who we let into our hearts, especially the people we meet over the Internet.

My dear Picos, I ask that you please be truthful and kind.
Yes Ameba Pico is a game but keep in mind that behind every Pico is a real person, with a real heart and real feelings and a bad action will cause real pain.

every new day is a new opportunity to make it better than the one before. We must believe that we are stronger than what life throws at us. We were born to be happy and if possible to make those around us happy as well.

The way I see it,
circumstances have slap me on the face and it may feel like a hopeless time in my life. But with a little faith and the will to be happy again...
In a month I will probably be laughing at the whole thing :)


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  1. Don't let anyone take your happiness, Sweets*. ♥ The Picostyle Team