Monday, November 28, 2011

Hola Amigos

Yes, its just little me refusing to go away. You are stuck with me for a very looong time as you can see  (◕_◕) . I have been on a coerced vacation for some time now due to my dinosaur finally becoming extinct on me. In another words, my computer died... broke down... stop breathing, and was finally put to rest...RIP  (•̪●) 

~Boo-Hoo~ I am seriously heart-broken and crying... SERIOUSLY!!!

Do you have any idea how many USA dollars it requires to replace my dinosaur (computer)? Like ALOT!!! ๏̯͡⊙ I estimate at least four months before I can get a new one ๏̯͡๏ .

But since I refuse to continue on this unexpected/unwanted vacation, that by the way at the beginning I did enjoyed and feel it was somehow needed , I am now ready and feel fresh like a lettuce to start writing again even if I have to go to a public library to use the computers there.

I do have to warn you though that now there might not be any pictures with my posts until I get my new computer, so I ask that you please bear with me.

This is a little note my daughter left on my now, empty computer desk this morning before she left to school
"Natalie loves you!
& your computer sucked anyway... get a Mac!
Love you 


  1. Laura! Lori! You are missed by Cheo and ! Sorry my writIng is sloppy, I'm on a bus on my iPod! Anyways I agree with your daughter to get q MacBook because I g

  2. Sweets*! Don't empty your pockets to buy a new computer. Just get yourself a little laptop. If you're like most people who just use a computer to surf the web and use Microsoft office, you just need a netbook. If there's a Best Buy near you it's the perfect time. Lots of salesss!!!

    Get a laptop and come back to us soon!

  3. Sorry I was on the bus, couldn't finish writing. Anyways, MacBooks are good -- I use one, but sl veiwer 2 works badly on it and I know how much you LOVE veiwer 2. And @ anonymous I thought sweets* does use a laptop... I never have used a computer that's not a laptop ever lol. But if you don't use a laptop sweets* you should get one! They are great and cheap. I mean, the most expensive laptops are apple products! :P

  4. You shouldn't get a macbook. Many things you might want might cost money, You should just get one of the windows seven, little computers.

  5. I can SOOO relate to the dinosaur computer blow up thing! :D
    I had a dino. computer myself, homemade, stone aged, didn't read ANY disks aged computer! I had it for about 3 years until FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY it started smoking and I got a newer computer (But i use moms macbook....Thanks mommy!). sadly, I know NOTHING about computers so I can't help you search for a new computer but, I can't wait until you are back with us sweets*! Good Luck! :D

  6. Hahaha wow Maya homemade computer? Too poor to buy one ?? Ugggg no one cares what you think stop tryin 2 copy sweetz

  7. This is Anonymous #1.

    Anonymous #2, lots of people who have the know how buy parts and put their own computers together. And custom computers tend to be more powerful and made to the users needs because they're not generic out of the box computers. Just because its "home made" doesn't mean its inferior ... so lock up your elitist attitude and never let it out again. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous #1 Thats really kind of u to stick up for maya she is my cousin in real life and she is very very nice and a joy to be around!

    And Anonymous #2 i will have u know that maya is not poor her dad just knows how to put computers and stuff together cause he's really smart so what he did was put a computer together for her tell she was older and really used a computer!

    I think that all of u bullies out there just need to STOP! Seriously pico isn't a place to fight if u aren't going to be nice then either keep it to yourself or pico isn't the place for u! Pico was created to make friends all around the world meet people who are just like u! SERIOUSLY LETS STOP THE BULLYING!